About Us

Globinno Engineering Solutions LLP

Registered Address: Prince Enclave, 1st Bye lane, Mother Teresa Road, Zoo Road Tinali, Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam-781021.

Globinno Engineering Solutions LLP is a startup company set up to develop, manufacture and market Nanotechnology based consumer products with social and environmental concerns. The company is set up by a team comprising of people from Engineering and Commerce backgrounds. The company aims at developing Nanotechnology based low cost water purifiers that simply use light for water purification. Among the line of products planned out are water purifiers, water contamination testers, solar powered dryers for fruits, vegetables, fish and meat and other innovative products. The company will also carry out consultancy projects in the environmental field.

The Company currently has two Designated Partners:

  • Dr. Sunandan Baruah: Dr. Sunandan Baruah: Dr. Sunandan Baruah is a PhD in Nanotechnology from the Asian Institute of Technology. He holds a MEng degree in Microelectronics and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. He worked as a Research Specialist at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and as a Senior Researcher at the Ångstrom laboratoriet in Uppsala University, Sweden. Apart from research. Dr. Baruah has held teaching positions in various institutions like Assam Engineering College, Residential Girls Polytechnic Golaghat, Asian Institute of Technology and Assam Don Bosco University. He was a Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Director of the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology at Assam Don Bosco University. Currently he holds the position of Dean of Engineering, Assam Down Town University.
  • Mr. Utpal Gogoi: Mr. Utpal Gogoi is a Commerce Graduate with over 30 years of experience in various fields like construction of roads, buildings, etc., manufacturing of plastic water tanks, steel wire drawing unit, steel fabrication and Cold Steel forging. He also has experience in design, fabrication and installation of various machines like aerators, microhydel generators, hydraulic ramp pump, amongst others.

The story behind Globinno Engineering Solutions:

Dr. Sunandan Baruah My story dates back to 2008 when I started my research in the area of environmental remediation using Nanotechnology at the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. The dream of providing drinking water solutions to my native place which is affected by perennial floods every year resulting in numerous deaths because of non-availability of drinking water appeared plausible. After years of research, we managed to design a number of variants of light activated water purifiers. After joining Assam Don Bosco University and setting up the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology, we tried to concentrate on applied Nanotechnology Research and put in our efforts to take technology to the rural areas.

The problem we are trying to address is the non-availability of pure drinking water in the villages of Assam and the other North Eastern states. We have developed low cost nanotechnology based water purifiers which can be activated by solar energy. We have already fabricated units for community use (300 liter storage) and designs for household models are also completed. The designs for household use in urban areas (electrical variants) are also ready.

India’s north-eastern region is gifted with a wide plethora of fruits, vegetables, and other agro-products, and has the potential to be an attractive zone for food processing and other agri-businesses. It is observed that simple value addition like cleaning, sorting and packaging can increase income of farmers by 42.8% per kg. It is also to be noted that although various Government policies and schemes are in place targeted for the development of food processing sector, still development is nominal due to lack of infrastructure facilities like poor connectivity with national and international market, inadequate supply chain and poor power supply. The North-Eastern part of India suffers from poverty, low per capita income, high unemployment and low agricultural productivity leading to food-insecurity. With an extensive international border, the north eastern region is advantageously located for international trade. However, it has failed to convert its strengths optimally into growth opportunities for the well-being of the people. The region suffers from weaknesses such as subsistence agriculture with poor communications, markets and other infrastructure. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a nanotechnology based Solar Fruit/Vegetable Dryer where nanomaterials are used not only for harnessing solar thermal energy but also to avoid fungal contamination which is very common in the hot and humid environment typical to the North East.